Wednesday, December 16, 2009

interviewing an HMHVV or "vampire" 1

Hello ..let me start off by introduceing myself im Phil and im goin to be interviewing a legend if you will a "shadowrunner" who has outlived many team mates and the competition and has lived long enuff to retire several times over we will be calling him REX..and with out anything further i will begin the interview........
PHIL.."so Rex before we get to the good stuff why dont you break us in slowly by telling us where your from?"
REX.."Ok ..born in Seattle, raised in Eureka."
PHIL.."ok Rex could you please be alittle more descriptive for our readers??"
REX.."Ok..Origionally born in Seattle where I iwas once human like yourself born to a human female and a troll male. When i was still young 3 maybe 4 yrs old was the first time i noticed i was different i was different i was playing with some action figures and noticed i was hovering off the ground it scared me and i fell my mother ran in and asked what happen i pointed to the chair and said boom boom."
PHIL."BOOM BOOM??really how sweet."
REX." I HATE TO BE INTURRUPTED -shows teeth- if you dont want this story feel free to leave."
PHIL" UMMM UMM no sir i mean yes REX please continue"
REX."now back to what i was saying that was the first time i noticed my magical ability though at the time i didnt understand it or know how essential it was to become in who i was to become and who i am now.the next few yrs went on without incident well without a magic father wanted a troll for a son not a human and when the transformation didnt start takeing place when he thought it should he started useing force to try and makeit happen.My mother started interveening and he started getting violent with her this went on for many years .Untill one day my mother had enuff and as my father came home she met him with a sawwed off shotgun and blew two big holes through his upper torso and neck area ......unknownst to her i was in the hallway and saw it all happen at that point a local policeman was walking by and heard this all happen and pulled his gun out and fired a warning shot it must of ricochet and hit her head and she fell over dead...-eyes hint to a swelling action- i ofcourse saw this happen from where i was at aswell, and in the confusion and misunderstanding and fear of what all just happened i let loose a magic force that annihilated and completely dissingrated the officer and that broke the straw for me and i took off running and running ,jumping from train to train takeing, rides doing whatever i could to just keep running and ofcourse at an age of 9 it wasnt easy to get rides from people."

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